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The Blair Community Schools Foundation consists of ten volunteer members on the Board of Directors. Our goal is to ensure our community’s students have the resources they need to succeed today and tomorrow.


As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the Foundation raises money, collaborates with partners, and facilitates the distribution of funds to a variety of programs. The Foundation also works to maintain connections between Blair Alumni and the Blair Community School District.

2023 Members


Jen Barrow

Wyatt Leehy

Mikki Mullally

Ryan Palmer

John Reuter

Ellie Richardson-Vakiner (President)
Diana Stier (Secretary)

Eric Taylor


Students. Teachers. Success.

College scholarships

Each year, the Foundation provides several scholarships to college-bound Blair High School graduates.


Grants for STEM Education

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education is crucial for the future. The Foundation’s STEM Grants allow Blair teachers to provide advanced educational opportunities to students that would not be available otherwise.


Blair Kids Academy 

In 2015, the Foundation formed a before and after school program called the Blair Kids Academy (BKA). The program is available to students in K-5 to meet the needs of busy parents who need quality and convenient care for their school-age children. Funds generated by the BKA are used to support the Foundation’s mission of helping Blair students.


Endowment Program

To make it easier to support the Foundation and our service towards Blair’s students, we formed an endowment program in 2016. Our endowment program will ensure charitable gifts continue to help the Blair School District and the community in perpetuity.


Special Projects

A great example of these efforts include the recently renovated auditorium at the Blair High School.

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